DEMOCRACY ALERT: Trump’s New campaign in Florida Means More

On Sunday, February 18, 2017, President Trump embarked on a new campaign-style rally in Florida.  YOU MAY CALL IT VIGILANTE MOBILIZATION TOUR–at taxpayers expense.  As usual, it’s all about himself.  In essence!  What is clear is that Trump is as brash and crude as ever, insulting and assaulting nearly everyone who is not adoring him.  Without qualms, he assails the media and other great institutions of the state.

Trump doesn’t mind starting an internal war–and Steve Bannon, by his acts and philosophic orientation, would love it! In fact Bannon is Trump’s brainchild and strategist!

It is now ALL ABOUT TRUMP and his ego. He is now acting like a wounded lion and he doesn’t mind what he destroys along the way.

In the mean time there are many outstanding issues begging for urgent attention: Trump’s increasing disregard for conflicts of interest (he has shown clearly now that he is in it to benefit himself and his family’s bottom line); the Russian issue; the incompetence of his administration; the Wall Street swamp’s infestation of the Trump administration; the hostile take-over of the American government by the energy (oil and coal) companies some of which has Trump as an investor; environmental and financial deregulation; etc, etc. TRANSLATION: Corruption is back big time under Trump!

So the vigilante thing is like Putin’s civilian army in Russia (the youth brigade) and Hitler’s before all of them.  As in Russia, Trump is GOING AFTER THE MEDIA, the FIRST CASUALTY of any state moving into a dictatorship.  America, because of its three branches of government with constitutional checks and balances, still has some impregnable safeguards—but nothing in the mundane world is finally guaranteed.  Trump is going after the media and America’s institutional and constitutional bulwark of freedom with determination and vengeance.

In a true democracy, the press is the SENTINEL OF FREEDOM.  The press must RESIST TRUMP.  We must all!  The CONSTITUTION is the ultimate buffer against tyranny in America.  The country must DECIDE NOW whether it is Trump or the nation first!

But so many Americans, especially the establishment types trying to see what they can extract from the Trump Presidency themselves and their pet ideology are yet to read the tea leaf correctly. Republicans remain fixated on their narrow, ugly agenda, USING TRUMP for short-term opportunistic gains.  In the mean time, Trump is doing much fundamental damage and building the infrastructure to buttress his questionable legitimacy and dark goals.  Above all, Trump is selfish individualist.  His personal (not national) agenda is what keeps him AWAKE late at night!

On that note, I INVITE YOU TO READ THIS . . .

Maureen Dowd’s tour de force on Trump, New York Times, February 18, 2017.  It is a true work of genius.  The piece informs, entertains, and deeply dissects the Trump problem for America and all the world.  She tries to understand and explain the inner man—a man so amoral and menacing and yet a man alone very unable to help himself.

Dr. Sam


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