DIVERSION, DIVERSION, DIVERSION AND COVER UP: The Decomposition of the Trump Presidency

STRANGE words on wire tapping (just DIVERSION TACTICS and COVER UP) coming from President Trump who not long ago was calling on Russia to hack and tap American citizens and institutions and is a beneficiary of the Russian dirty job!


Trump now wants to divert our attention from his problem by staging a fight with Obama by accusing the former President of wiretapping the trump Tower. It wouldn’t work–and it wouldn’t stop the very needed investigation of his (and campaign’s) dealings with the Russians to sabotage American democracy and to deal corruptly with Russia for money gains and greed. This man is raving mad now–and he is going down.

So what does he do? Every weekend he takes an expensive vacation on Air Force One (at taxpayers expense) to Florida to meet and to talk with Kremlin surrogates, Russian oligarchs, corrupt business leaders and the likes shady figures. It has become his secret sanctuary–and the White House is only for part time use. His wife is in New York. And all three venues–the White House, the Trump Tower in New York and the Florida home–are all heavily protected at the expense of taxpayers. All his children are also protected, even as they gallivant or do business around the globe.

Even Trump’s cabinet members have to fly to Florida to meet him at great cost to tax payers–instead of just driving over to the White House in Washington. His AG, campaign surrogate is the latest example.

Why is America tolerating this.

The COVER UP is in full swing. Not just by Trump himself but he has deployed the White House staff and his Attorney-General to participate actively in it.  That is the GREATER CRIME.

This man is a DISGRACE and does not belong to the Oval Office.  Those Republicans  who are now looking the other way or even aiding and abating what Trump is doing will come to regret it.  This episode is Nixonian.  It will continue to play out, inexorably, to the most darkly end—until Trump is gone for good!!!  This is the case even if it lasts for a year or even more.  But Trump will be gone in the end.  You can bet on it. 

The only thing that ever mattered to Trump is MONEY—and now Putin.  Trump is not for America first!  He may in fact be America’s enemy in real terms.

Dr. Sam


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