LESS THAN SIX WEEKS to the end of his Presidency, Obama pretends he wants to do something about Russian hacking?  Amazing!  Where was Obama when and while it was going on?  What did he do?

JAMES CLAPPER (Director of National Intelligence) COULD NOT STOP PUTIN AND HACKERS FROM RIGGING AMERICAN ELECTIONS or determining from Russia who should be America’s President.. This issue challenges the safety and legitimacy of American democratic systems. This is one more problem in a system where, unlike other advanced Western democracies, a simple majority cannot elect a President because of the antiquated electoral college system in America.

Prominent computer scientists, mathematicians and experts had unsuccessfully urged Clinton to challenge the election results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. That is what happens when you are AFRAID.  The Clintons are compromised and afraid of Trump.  They fear prosecution or other forms of retaliations from Trump and Co.

We know Russia’s and Assange’s interest to get Trump elected President of the United States. It happened as they orchestrated it.  For expediency and opportunism, Republicans condoned it.  This should make it very clear they were never interested in national security.  They were only interested in power!  On this, Senate Majority Leader McConnell is a DISGRACE—and history will not be kind to him on this.

 We know Russia has hacked democratic institutions in Europe and America before through its intelligence agency with a top General in charge of the operation boasting about it. We know Russia and Assange hacked and published information damaging to Hillary and the DNC. (Note: a confirmation of this by the CIA in the Washington Post revelation on the night of December 9, 2016).  The New York Times on December 9th (after the Washington Post story) confirmed that Russia also hacked the RNC but kept the information secret.

How would Republicans react  if it were them on the receiving end. How would Trump have reacted if he heard that Russia was hacking American political institutions like the RNC to influence the elections in favor of Democrats?

We learned November 23, 2016 that Hillary surpassed Trump nation-wide by a popular vote of more than 2 million votes, a historic record. Later still, 2.5 million.  On December 9, 2016, the number swelled to 2.8 million.  That means nearly three million more Americans voted  for Hillary to be President than they did for Trump.

More revelations about this election and about the Russian role in it will surely come to be known!  The BIG QUESTION is will Republicans prefer partisanship to national interest of the United States?

About 140 years ago, we faced a situation where someone lost the popular vote and the electoral college but still became the President.  It was a white nationalist reaction against emancipation of slaves and the lost by the South of the America civil war. (For an instructive review of this, see Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC, November 24, 2016).  Then Democrats played a key role in the Clan and helped to terrorize American Blacks and Jews).

In our more complicated and diverse world today, legitimacy is critically important for a successful Presidency—a Presidency that listens to the people and cares about all the people and their needs and voice.  We need to certify the legitimacy of the lections. Otherwise our leaders have no political legitimacy at all.

Voters have to be able to believe when they go to vote in an election that their votes would be counted, that they are making an important choice and that their voice would be heard. They should not feel that someone or some people fiddling with the computer should be able to alter their votes or election outcomes.

This is a fundamental value of universal suffrage and democracy. As Prof. Edgar Brookes reminded us several decades ago in his studies of political values, “Universal suffrage carries with it the brightly gleaming crown of the General Will.” But then he asked: “Of what avail is General Will if it is put in the hands of a Leviathan?”

Those who argue here other reasons Hillary stumbled in the election miss the point. These are entirely different matters. Yes she should have reached out better to the working class. She should have not said what she said about coal workers. She should have not had the e-mail problem, ec, etc. BUT that does not mean hackers, Putin, Russia, Comey, Assange, should determine American election outcomes. Voters should, always!

President Obama, no doubt well-meaning but nonetheless elitist, wants to move on. He is opposed to a re-count and wants to get on with his life. His NSA and Intelligence chief did not protect Hillary from cyber attacks and hacks.

This matter is far more than the fate of one person. We need to know the TRUTH of what actually happened to votes in key battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. If we do not, it would amount to a travesty of justice and it what might have occurred illegally on election day would happen over and over again in the future.  Didn’t Trump talk glibly about a Rigged system”?

We cannot ignore or gloss over a hacked system.  Such a neglect would amount to taking the votes away from the people and putting the fate and future of the nation in the hands of a few people—Putin, Assange, hackers, foreign governments and entities such as Russia, etc, etc. It can happen at any time, at any elections and to any political party.  That is truly frightening!!! That for sure is not democracy anymore! Something fishy happened on election day, Tuesday, November 8, 2016!  It smells so bad!!!


Dr. Sam



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