ON GEN. MICHAEL FLYNN’S RESIGNATION: A Question of America’s Security and the Price of Political Spin

THIS is NOT FAKE NEWS!  Trump AND Flynn love Russia to death, even against the interest of the United States it seems.  Trump knew what Flynn was doing with Russia–during the elections and after. 

As they say, what goes around comes around! And INDEED nothing is hidden under the sun. Trump, some say, wanted chaos. This time he got his wish big time–a WHOPPER of CHAOS. What did Comrade Trump know–and when did he know it?

Comrade Trump hired Flynn as National Security Adviser because they both love Russia, hate Obama and Hillary.  That is generally Trump’s Criteria for hiring top advisers and cabinet secretaries—they all hated or said something against Obama or Hillary.

Note that Michael Flynn’s letter of resignation stated he “misled” the Vice President.  Not Comrade Trump!  Note as well that if Russia has compromising information on Flynn, logically they would have one on Trump, the big fish.  Both might be under Russian blackmail and love Russia dearly, even against the interest of America.  As Gen. McCaffrey suggested on MSNBC last night (February 13, 2017) Trump must have known everything.  Pence was used to give Trump “deniability.”  The outstanding question here is who influenced the other more on the Russian relationship, Trump or Flynn?

Both Trump and Flynn are INCOMPETENT OPERATORS AND LIERS.  Josef Goebbels and Hitler who Trump admires, would not have lied the way Trump and Flynn lie.  They make room for believability.  They rely both on reason and emotion.

So how does one evaluate Comrade TRUMP’S FIRST 21 DAYS out of the magical 100days.  WHAT WE SEE is an AVALANCHE of crisis, chaos, lies, cover-ups, leaks, intrigues, conflicts of interests, scandals, conspiracy theories, tensions, unsubstantiated claims, surprises, ill-conceived executive orders, display of incompetence, tests of the new President by foreign powers (China, North Korea, Iran), about faces, comical acts, confused initiatives and decision-making, attack against cherished American institutions, the media, the court, even Congress, marginalization of all minorities including women, minorities, Muslims, Alt-right reality “facts”, etc..  More surely to come!

Donald J. Trump recently expressed his surprise how complex government operations are.  He didn’t know and never anticipated all these.  His model of a Chief Executive or King or Dictator in government doesn’t work!  His slim popularity level is going down even more. Neither Spicer’s and Conway’s SPIN (lies) nor Trump’s twit can help this President that much! 

Latest: Conway (Flynn resigned), Spicer (Flynn was asked to resign—i.e., fired; just a matter of “trust” ; “no legal issue”—LIES, there may even be a criminal issue; Trump “decisive” after 18 days of learning about the trust issue that troubled him; Trump is “incredibly tough” on Russia).  Spin, spin and more spin and lies. If you are a messenger for a LIAR, you will become a liar.  It is IRONIC Trump now says Flynn lied to him and the VP but TRUMP LIES ALL THE TIME.  TRUTH and COMPETENCE still matter.

Comrade Trump—UNFIT FOR ANY PUBLIC SERVICE!  We all should have known this.

Dr. Sam


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