TRUMP’S ACHILLES HEEL: The Stage is Set for Future Downfall

For virtually all high achieving men and women, there is an Achilles Heel.  For Bill Clinton, women and later in his life greed.  For Hillary Clinton, greed and love of the fine things of life.  For Trump, women, greed and inordinate love of money above all else including civic duty (e.g. to pay taxes), morality and God.  For all of them arrogance and the ancillary attitude that they can get away with anything.

Hillary knew all along since the Bill Presidency that one day she would run for President.  Still, she took a number of thoughtless and reckless acts.  She set up the e-mail account that created huge scandals for her as Secretary of State.  She took eye-popping sums of money from Wall Street for a speech.  Bill made himself a very rich man through side deals. 

Bill Clinton had his many scandals with women.  Particularly more notable is his affairs with Monica.  This crippling incident took place boldly adjacent the Oval Office just beneath the White House family quarters.  Later still, he took a huge amount of money from the same corporations that donated so generously to his Charitable Foundation.

About Trump, there are many astonishing stories and incidents—from women, contractors, students and more.  So far he has proven the be the Teflon political wizard of Presidential politics.  But remember this: Teflon Don eventually went down in disgrace and died in prison.

During the Presidential campaign, Trump frivolously speculated that he could kill somebody and his supporters would not abandon him.  After all, he has gotten away with so much, unscathed.  He got away with serious allegations of adultery, sexual harassment of women, misogyny, bad even fraudulent business practices, failure to pay federal taxes and to disclose his tax returns and involvement with Russia.  He still won the Presidency.  Therefore he must be feeling very invincible right now.

Given Trump’s extensive business entanglements in different parts of the world, the very act of running for president was the ultimate act of arrogance.  It would be obvious to mere mortals that there would be clear and unprecedented conflict of interests.  Now that he is about to become President, it is now much more obvious to so many Americans that the conflict of interest is indeed very extensive and almost difficult to contain.  But Trump is still resisting the idea of creating a truly credible blind trust—for his own protection and the protection of the nation.  He and his children seem to believe that they can make a lot of money out of the Trump Presidency.

It does not take a prophet to predict right now that this very conflict is what would ultimately impel and ultimately bring down the Trump Presidency.  This is bound to happen unless of course Trump can manage to stem his current attitude.

Dating back to the original example of such a downfall, Achilles was fierce and talented fighter who survived many great battles. According to Greek mythology, one weakness brought him down in spite of his overall strength—his heel, the one his mother accidentally failed to dip in the magical protective river of Styx.  That was the heel that was struck in battle by a poisonous arrow and he died like all mortal men.

Trump’s current invulnerability may not last his Presidency especially on the issue of his greed, love of money and extensive conflicts of interests.  He and his children are yet to learn the stiff lesson, that no matter how great they may think they are, American will never in the end tolerate a flagrant desecration of its foundational principles, among them that the American Presidency is not for sale. 

Trump is a mortal and not above the law or the nation.  If he has ears, let him hear now!

Dr. Sam

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