TRUMP’S GOVERNING ORTHODOXY: An Amalgam of Alt-Right White Nationalism, Working Class Authoritarianism and capitalist Oligarchy

Trump, as one of his top executives told us during the Presidential campaign, sees himself as a King.  He is the One “who must be obeyed.”  That was in the private sector.  Now Trump is getting into the government sector where there are many checks and balances and Separation of Powers between the three branches of government.  Still, Trump talks and acts as if he is King.

Obviously a confrontation between powers seems inevitable!

Take Trump’s intervention for workers in Indiana.  Trump said that no company would in the future leave the country “without consequences.”  This sounds like a threat to “free enterprise.”  If Obama had done that, Republicans would consider it a “shake down” and the company involved would likely have taken him to court on that.  In the end, Trump obtained about 40 per cent of what he wanted with Carrier through a mix of corporate extortion and corporate welfare that put a lot of tax payers money at play.

Trump in his triumphal tour stop in Cincinnati, Ohio (December 1, 2016) bleated out several times his isolationist dictum to his maddening crowd: “We are going to put our country first.”  There is quite an irony here.  Trump is being put in power in America partly by Russia’s dictator Putin who puts Russia first in all things.

And what do we have now?  Almost following the script in Russia, we have a man as President-elect who resents, attacks and muzzles the press, hates and opposes any type of dissent, refuses to hold a press conference and chooses to relate to the American people purely on his own terms mostly through tweeter and controlled mass events.  The media is not in a position to ask direct questions.

On his announcements and appointments he holds court at Trump Tower like a King or Potentate. Oh yes, he now likes the Generals.  His new General (“Mad Dog” Mattis, in Trump’s words, is “very very good.”  Does Trump still “know more than the Generals”?

Both during the Presidential campaign and since then, Trump’s wealth is always on display. Artfully, he taps into the weakness of the American psyche obviously keenly aware that in America money talks and the rich are greeted by the less well to do with glinting eyes.  The working class hopes that they would by electing Trump one day be like Trump.  Therefore, they care little about his moral deficits. 

Trump  dismisses real matters of ethics, morality and conflicts of interests pertinent to his coming Presidency with the casual indulgence of one who feels very entitled to do as he pleases.  Capitalist oligarchy binds the whole nation with the private enterprise of a few well-to-do individuals (millionaires and billionaires).  It obligates the country’s police and military forces for their sole protection. Imagine here the very high cost of protecting Trump and his enterprises.

There are many other troubling developments in American democracy.  Trump’s idea of “draining the swamp” is to invite Wall Street and lobbyists to take over the American Treasury.  There are now so many “billionaire alligators” in the swamp!  During the Presidential campaign, Trump railed against Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz as stooges of Wall Street.  He attacked them specifically on Goldman Sachs.  Now his coming administration is awash with Goldman Sachs titans.

On coming expenses, Republicans use to regale us on run-away national deficit and the need for continuous cuts of government programs.  Well, Trump is coming with “huge’ unprecedented financial request from the Treasury and they are so silent.  To have a quick rundown of coming expenses, how about Trump’s Walls, huge expansion of the military budget, huge tax break for the rich and companies, big construction projects, deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, more “law and order” expenses to fight “crime wave” as Trump put it.  In all, with a tax break of about 13 to 15 per cent, the rich will be contributing much less now for the up-keep of the nation at a time of rising expenses.

Trump talks about doing away with government regulations that have protected miners, lives and the environment.  Americans must ask: at the end what would be Trump’s impact on food safety, health and climate change?

Over all, Trump says little about uniting the nation and shows little humility.  He falsely claims he won in a “landslide” and ignores the fact that more Americans voted for Hillary in the |presidential election than himself.  Trump lost the popular vote by more than 2.5 million!  Trump does not have the mandate to act as he pleases.

Dr. Sam

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