WORLD WAR III TRIGGER: The Dangerous Three

Trump, Putin and Assange trouble the world so deeply that they may by their action trigger WORLD WAR III.  Although some members of the US Congress smile or laugh when confronted with the activities of these individuals, it is no laughing matter!

The fairly casual response to this serious threat is perhaps the main reason why America—and necessarily the Western World—seem UNABLE to do anything about it!  Making matters worse is the desire for short-term opportunistic gain.  Thus Republicans are euphoric that at last, after Obama, they now have power. 

Internal divisions make effective unified action against outside threat weak if not impossible.  Civilizations  and powers that ultimately fail do so because they are incapable of long term vision and for their lack of solidarity and discipline.  What is taking place in America today under Trump is nothing short of moral decadence.

The old adage still holds true indeed–a HOUSE DIVIDED against itself cannot stand.  Petty internal power struggles are deadly and defeat to goal of national pride and supremacy.

Let’s briefly examine these three individuals (Trump, Putin and Assange) and the consequences of their emergence.

TRUMP:  Uniquely unqualified for any public office.  He is President today principally because of a series of BIG LIES, mass hysteria and coordination with Russia, once America’s greatest enemy (no more for nearly all Republicans now).  Since taking office, Trump’s White House has proven itself to be so impotent and unprepared for high office.  Trump remains the world’s most prominent deceiver and Liar in high office.  Is there any more doubt that he is an IGNORAMUS who is temperamentally unfit to be President of a super-power nation? 

America fell for Trump for a number of benign but narrowly-focused reasons: FEAR of minorities, white male sense of control, white nationalism (women fell for this at the last minute too) and text-book racism.  Trump championed it all with BIG LIES, deception, propaganda and Alt-right mobilization of mostly the functional illiterates looking for a convenient scapegoat for their problems.  They love apocalypse–and they love to be deceived.  It seems they don’t care so long as hate of others is the basic ingredient.

PUTIN: As Putin faced mass revolt in Russia, he ushered in his DICTATOSHIP as an answer and decimated all democracy gains of the ten years before he came into office.  He has killed many of his political or would be political opponents.  He is very corrupt and has amassed great wealth through corruption.  He threatens the Western system everywhere as well as Baltic and former Soviet countries who are inclined to join NATO.  He boldly interfered in the US elections and democratic system and now has his people in power in America.

ASSANGE:  To put it mildly, this man is a thief and operates like a bandit while hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. (The US, in fact the West should have used its economic and diplomatic prowess to flush him out of there but they chose not to).  Assange boldly steals high secret government and political party information with impunity. With this, nothing is secret any more, nothing is safe and nobody is safe.  In fact the nation-state is at risk.  And he has now become a critical partner with Russia in Putin’s plan to destabilize the Western systems. 

Over all, these three monstrous individuals are very unstable people.  They are all unpredictable.  They all extreme actors.  Assange in addition is a child molester and rapist.  These are people America and the Western world generally have inadvertently conceded defeat to and have in effect entrusted the DESTINY OF THE WORLD. 

America THINK!!!

Dr. Sam

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