Trump, in the face of the BIGGEST FAILURE of his Presidency came out today (March 24,2017) ranting like a drunken idiot.  As expected, he blames others—never himself!  He used to call Obama a “weak leader” (even with Obama’s many consequential achievements).  I don’t know what you make of this.  Surely Trump is weakest US President in recent memory, if not in US history.

Trump doesn’t know the job (He acknowledged as such today and says he is “learning”).  He is emotionally unstable.  He doesn’t talk or behave like a President.  He doesn’t take responsibility for anything and always blames others for his failures.  He is mad and can’t help himself.  He is above all UNFIT for the job of President of a super-power nation!

Think of this–“ART OF THE DEAL” (Written with someone else help) AS APPLIED BY TRUMP IN HIS PRESIDENCY—is a “DISASTER”, to use Trump’s routine and most frequently used descriptive/denunciation word.  Clearly, it amounts to no more than high-sounding rhetoric (laced sometimes with insults and profanities), threats and intimidation of people by a corrupt, unfit, weak, disordered personality who is disloyal to American and Western interests and who loves and favors Russia over America and the West.

SO FAR the “GREAT” NEGOTIATOR has failed in his relationship with all American Western allies, with China (backed down on One China policy and got nothing in return), Mexico (ditto—Mexico is not paying for the Wall; taxpayers are), Israel (ditto—now supports a two state solution), North Korea (the N. Korean dictator is as bold as ever if not more), his own party (intimidation don’t seem to be working), with Democrats, with every constituency outside his core supporters, etc, etc.  No single legislative achievement yet!

AND NOW this!

I suppose we can call TRUMP’S FIRST 100 DAYS a “DISASTER” for him and the country.  America will be “tired of losing” under Trump.  There will be NO SECOND TERM for this man.  He may in fact completely self-destruct through his own self-sabotage, lack of requisite knowledge, moral deficits and personal deficit.

In the face of defeat, instead of saying I hear you, we will together fix any problem in ObamaCare, he wants to DESTROY everything!  He fails to realize that he is now in-charge.  If ObamaCare fails, he is squarely responsible.  He should have been working to make ObamaCare better, not trying to destroy it!  But he lacks maturity and emotional stability to do so.  SHAME!

Some pundits keep saying or writing that Trump has lost all credibility.  He never had any.  Therefore he lost nothing!  How can you lose something you didn’t have in the first place?

Folks the “Emperor” (under investigation) has no clothes!  He should have kept to construction.

Dr. Sam

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